We have attained an entirely new level of diesel commercial vehicle fuel economy gains ever realized with just one bolt-on modification!!


This progressive and intelligently engineered product will revolutionize the "Green Movement" to a level never thought could be attained!!!


This product will enhance absolute range by making your hybrid / Pure Electric truck "slip" through the air with the ease of an Eagle. Less pedal pushed for same speed equals enhanced range!

A Progressive Scientific Research and Design Studio
- AND -

A Community-Driven Company


Global Data Research LLC
- A Community-Driven Company -

Leadership and Community Investment Team

- Founder -
Mr. Jonathan R. Walters
U.S. Navy / U.S. Coast Guard Veteran
General Electric 1.5 MW Wind Turbine Commissioner
F.A.A. Certified Aviation Maintenance Technician
F.A.A. Authorized Airworthiness Inspector
F.A.A. Instrument Rated Aircraft Pilot
SpaceX Space Vehicle and Engine Quality Control Inspector
Lead Investigative Scientist Global Data Research LLC

Community Investment Team

Sherrie Duran, LMSW, Taos N.M.

Master's Degree of Social Work, Highlands University
Taos County Children's, Youth and Families Department
Devoted Mother of Two Boys

"I am very passionate about working with children and families. Even when I am not working, I still have the desire to help others in need. This company pulled me in knowing that there is a desire to hire and involve our local rural communities and families. I put my time and effort into places and people who share the same desire as myself, to help others. I look forward to growing with this company that gives others just like myself the opportunity to grow."

Ashley Trujillo, Taos N.M.

Administrative Secretary at Taos Adult Probation and Parole
State of New Mexico Corrections Dept
Recent New Home Owner

"For the last seven years I have watched my father work restless hours, day and night alongside his father to run their own trucking business from Costilla, NM to many other States, Towns and Counties in need of their services. To see a company working to benefit not only my fathers' business but so many others  Nation-wide is beyond a doubt an amazing investment. I look forward to working with everyone putting their upmost effort into this project and the beneficial outcome it will bring to all  trucking companies and businesses."
Linda Cisneros, El Prado, N.M.

Owner: Linda's Upholstery of El Prado, N.M.
Producer of the Coverings for the Aero-Maxx'D Test Prototype
43 Years of Expert Textiles / Leather Fabrication
19 Years Small Business Owner

"Linda, an expert in her chosen field and will be the manager of the company's in-house textile operations for the Aero-Maxx'D Product set to break ground in Questa, N.M.  I am very happy she most willingly agreed to be the person responsible for the Aero-Maxx'D coverings and blessed she wants to be an integral part of the company and continue her great work going forward for all involved in this product!"
Darcy Marino, Arroyo Hondo, N.M.

USMC Corporal (HON) Graphics Specialist
Textile Fabrication Expert of 30+ Years
Transportation Specialist for Special Needs Children
Devoted Mother of 6 Children and Grandmother of 7 Grandchildren

"Darcy sought me out with a strength and willingness to become a part of the organization. She told me:"I am enamored with what you are doing for the environment and for people and for places of economic deprivation... I want to be a part of this!"  Darcy is the company's first outside investor who has terriffic ideas of products which have high promise of great returns on investment. In addition Darcy works with Linda Cisneros and was an integral  fabricator who assembled large portions of the Aero-Maxx'D coverings. Darcy also assisted with the artwork on the prototype semi-trailer and her life partner, Scott Foster, donated a portion of his land, power, and water to allow this company to move forward and onward and I am blessed she became a part of the investment team!"

Mr. William (Bill) DeLong, Angel Fire, N.M.

Master Sergeant USAF (RET) Air Traffic Radar Controller
F.A.A. Air Radar Traffic Center Controller (RET)
F.A.A. Licensed Aircraft Pilot and Aircraft Owner

"Bill is a customer of mine whom I have inspected, modified, and maintained his aircraft. When he found out about the Aero-Maxx'D product and what it can do for both fuel reductions and harmful emissions reductions he asked to be a part of the organization and I agreed!"
Mr. Brian Torres, Costilla, N.M.

Son of the Father/Son Trucking Business: Mountain Range Supply LLC
Semi Truck Operator for 25+ Years
Mountain Range Supply LLC is a U.S. - Wide Freight Operator

"Our fuel bill for being a small company is huge. So the reason why I invested in the Aero Maxx'D is because  I was the driver for the testing and I saw first-hand how differently my truck acted when my truck was modified with the product. Even as a small company owner this product will pay off itself in very short time and save us a significant amount of money over the entire operating regimine which includes decades of in-service use. It's not only for the huge corporate trucking companies. The mom and pops businesses will benefit too. 
Mr. Tom Leitch, Angel Fire, N.M.

USAF Technical Sergeant (HON) Accounting and Finance
National Sales Manager Horizon Healthcare
Small Business Owner: Angel Fire Bookkeeping
Bachelors of Science (Biology) Oakland University of Rochester Michigan
Angel Fire Airport Manager

"Tom is an outstanding gentleman who is easy to communicate with  and very nice to be around. Tom and his background lead me to approach him and offer him an opportunity to be a part of something great. Tom agreed and I thank him for that!
Mr. Andrew Hamons, Montgomery, Texas

Undergraduate Student Texas A&M University
Major: Aerospace Engineering

"Andrew asked to be a part of the organization with an eye on becoming an integral member once he completes his studies at Texas A&M. I agreed as the opportunity for a gent such as Andrew to get in on the ground-floor of a dedicated progressive scientific research and design studio will pay dividends for all involved going forward."