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A Scientific Research and Design Studio

A Service-Connected Disabled Veteran Enterprise

Bringing Important Green Technology Manufacturing
to the New Mexico Frontier Lands

Zeous Power

Where It All Starts is a scientific research and design studio specializing in one-off and impossible machine design and prototyping. The placeholder for this work is now: and is the result of intensive research on the part of's Chief Scientist. This program is specifically allocated to the improvement of the human experience through many modes of industry.

At this scientific research and design studio intensive research is carried out with the applied sciences dictum. Which is based upon the investigation of theoretical science which incorporates the many aspects of industry success and failures through direct observation and/or participation.

These observations are then codified into an element of design which enhances these elements in question thus improving upon their modes in many if not all facets.

There is being alive and there is living. There is "being right" and there is "being correct".

Here at the studio we strive to become "More Than" through the effective use of intelligence rooted in scientific methods, plausability, and observed data.

Where and who do you wish to be?

Brought to you by - A Scientific Research and Design Studio

Founder and Chief Scientist / Designer

Mr. Jonathan R. Walters

U.S. Navy Aviation
U.S. Coast Guard Aviation
Falcon Jet Specialist
F.A.A. Instrument Pilot
F.A.A. Authorized Independant Airworthiness Inspector
SpaceX Ascension Vehicle / Propulsion Specialist
Aircraft Test Pilot Specialist
General Electric  1.5 MW Wind Turbine Commissioner

Personal Motto:
True Science is Never Fiction. Dare to Create What Motivates You.