We have attained an entirely new level of diesel commercial vehicle fuel economy gains ever realized with just one bolt-on modification!!


This progressive and intelligently engineered product will revolutionize the "Green Movement" to a level never thought could be attained!!!


This product will enhance absolute range by making your hybrid / Pure Electric truck "slip" through the air with the ease of an Eagle. Less pedal pushed for same speed equals enhanced range!

A Progressive Scientific Research and Design Studio
- AND -

A Community-Driven Company

Turbinique V9 Wind Engine

American Engineering - ROBUST Design

This machine is designed to extract maximum performance to provide you decades of electricty production in nearly any environment.

Careful attention to detail, balance, and harmony of the components ensures a lasting legacy of investment.

An Investment-Grade Machine

This machine is designed for a minimum of a fifty year life expectancy for your enjoyment and absolute return on investment.

By using the same fan as used on the water pumpers, many of which are 100 years or more old and still operating allows for the robustness of the design.

The fan as used is far, far more powerful than the three bladed propellers  which are incorporated by nearly all of our competitors. This machine will begin usable power production in as little as a 2.4 MPH wind speed.

The wind-vane can be ordered as show as this is the default wind vane -OR_ you may submit your personal design and we will fabricate a wind-vane to your specification. This allows you to add your very own eprsonal touch to your functional work of art. This is an industry FIRST and Leader!

The metal which is used to skin this incredible machine can be manipulated by you! Do you want it in copper sheet? OK! Do you want mirror-finish stainless steel? OK!Do you want gold plating? OK! Again we are placing this blank canvas in front of you to manipulate as you desire and we will engineer and fabricate to your specification! This is an industry FIRST and LEADER!

Engineered for any Locale

A Blank Canvas for you.
Design your own wind-vane!
Precious metals
You are in control

This machine is ready for either dry, wet, or salt environments.

For corrosive-rich environments the machine is made largely out of corrosion resistant steels and hot-dipped galvanized components.


This machine can be designed with your choice of customized wind vane. Let your imagination soar and turn this functional machine into your own work of art!

We can skin this machine in your choice of metals to included cladding.

Brass, copper, mirror finish stainless steel, gold clad, etc is all just your imagination away!