We have attained an entirely new level of diesel commercial vehicle fuel economy gains ever realized with just one bolt-on modification!!


This progressive and intelligently engineered product will revolutionize the "Green Movement" to a level never thought could be attained!!!


This product will enhance absolute range by making your hybrid / Pure Electric truck "slip" through the air with the ease of an Eagle. Less pedal pushed for same speed equals enhanced range!

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Zeous Power Module

The Zeous Power Module
The In-House Designed POWERHOUSE !!!

The Zeous Power Module is a clean-sheet redesign of the ubiquitous Permanent Magnet Generator.

This new design will enable an entire new race of machines to be designed and built which will bring you unrivaled efficiency coupled with a functionality which there is no other example on Planet Earth!

This design is so unique and novel we cannot show nor go into detail about it until the Patent Process is at a point which allows the required safety net.

Expect this module to be a part of many more offerings brought to you by Global Data Research.