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The below exceprt is taken from my presentation I will be discussing at the Symposium to be held at KTAO Studios on Oct 17th from 6pm - until:

Interpolation: If the 438,905 operators had only one truck each, and each truck used only 50 gallons of diesel a day driving only 250 miles a day (assume 5 MPG) would equal 21,945,250 gallons of diesel consumed per day at a cost of $82,294,687.5 at $3.75 per gallon...DAILY. Who then incorporates the Aero-Maxx'd and assume only a 1.75 MPG improvement (35%) would equal only 37 gallons of diesel used per day which equals a total of 16,239,485 gallons used for a cost of $60,898,068.75
@$3.75 per gallon of diesel then that metric equals a reduction of expense for fuel per day of $21,396,618.75...again.... PER DAY ....Nearly a 26% increase in fuel related profit via not paying for fuel as usual....For doing nothing more than bolting on the company product..... Keep in mind this interpolation assumes the lowest common denominator....In many cases of operating on flat or gently rolling terrain the fuel savings will be truly exceptional.....

Introducing the AERO-MAXX'D !!! (Patent Pending)

8000+ miles of actual on-road testing tells the story....

The Aero-Maxx'd is the REAL deal!!

This Invention Has Increased My Aggregate Fuel Efficiency 91% !!!
Before MPG AVG = 7.67 / After MPG AVG = 14.15 !!!

This product is now supported by the following entities:
The New Mexico Small Business Development Center, U of NM, Taos Branch
The New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership
The New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program
The Los Alamos National Laboratory

Monolithic Fairing Closed

Monolithic Fairing Open

The monolithic Aero-Maxx'd shown above is being readied for the light trailer market. The company will be initiating a new manufacturing facility to begin mass production of this revolutionary Patent Pending product. It will be operated by an electric screw jack with controls accessible from the exterior on the protected side of the trailer. Millions of users of these trailers stand to reap huge windfalls of economy due to not paying nearly as much for fuel as they once did with trailers without the Aero-Maxx'd modification!!!

The Commercial Vehicle / Trailer Version

The production conforming examples of the heavy truck / trailer version of the Aero-Maxx'd is in active work.

This version is truly revolutionary in its design and methodology / ease of use.

IBISWorld provided data which shows America has more than 400,000 cargo / trucking companies in active service. These companies stand to reap untold windfalls due to dramatic reductions in fuel costs.

When you do not spend money on fuel and yet still operate where does the money go? Right into the POCKET!!!
Test Vehicle Stats:

Unladen Fuel Mileage: ~20.75 MPG

W/Trailer-No Fairing: ~ 7.65 MPG

W/Trailer-W/Fairing: ~ 14.15 MPG

This design incorporates complex and exacting curves and angles based in aerospace dictum to take full advantage of large volume / low velocity airflow, which works to reduce to a very high extent the detrimental effects of aerodynamic drag.

What many people get lost on is the fact a reduction of fossil fuel consumption does not mean a reduction of petroleum production. In all honesty once petroleum is free'd up from refining into fuel it will be redirected into construction. Construction of all types. If what you are holding is made with any type of plastic it took petroleum to make it. High performance polymers will be developed to replace wood timbers, concrete bridges, commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, etc, etc, etc.... What this means is a new segment as well as greatly expanding segments of industry will be created due to having an actual available supply of petroleum for a change. In all honesty there will probably be a higher need for petroleum as it will be converted into polymers for nearly every product on the planet.

It WORKS !!!  I KNOW  Because I am actually using it !!!

GO GREENER !!!                                      Use LESS Fuel !!!                                 Pollute the planet LESS !!!

I have numerous designs under Patent Pending status which can be manufactured for ANY vehicle or trailer with ease of use and functionality designed-in. 

I have Monolithic, Bifurcated, and Roll-Up designs to make your
work / play / financial life better !!!

(And it is good for the planet too by helping you pollute LESS by using less fuel....just saying...)

O.T.R. operators (Dry box, Short Haul Delivery, etc) I have a design JUST FOR YOU which will enable ease of use with loading / unloading and save you massive amounts of fuel use and is fully compatible with docks and will not interfere with docks!!!

Money NOT spent is PROFIT !!!

Contact me TODAY !!!